We have made selling our products at wholesale simple and easy.

If you have any wholesale customers you are currently selling to you can also sell them the best face masks on the market that are certified 99.99% protective. Boomer Naturals also sells other PPE and medical supplies. 

We are accepting all orders for any channels in the US. You can get all information off of our website, BoomerNaturalsWholesale.com 

We pay 5% commissions on orders. You give Boomer the order, we handle the paperwork and order processing. 

How to become a wholesaler for Boomer Naturals:

Please email your 1099 form to Kolton.s@boomernaturals.com

Download your form here:


Download the wholesale form :


Sign our Independent Sales Representative Agreement and email to Kolton.s@boomernaturals.com



Link to wholesale price sheet :  



How to place and order for a customer.

1. Email the filled out order form to wholesale@boomernaturals.com or call

(702) 996-1312.

2. Boomer will bill the customer and collect payment.

3. You get paid 5% commission